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GotBigWater is the official website of GBW Associates, LLC, a privately owned training, consulting, and design firm located in Westminster, Maryland. Our specialty is water supply for public and private fire protection. We at GBW Associates, LLC are known for our training programs, our consulting services, our dry hydrants, and our testing services. Over the years, we have completed projects in over 40 different states and Canada ranging from rural water supply and incident command seminars to ISO water supply assessments to community master planning.

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Protecting Rural Canadian Landmarks - Hartland Covered Bridge

President Mark Davis, June 23

The longest covered bridge in the world is located in Hartland, New Brunswick. We had a chance to visit the bridge during our travels last Fall to New Brunswick to deliver our rural water supply seminar. The bridge was clearly quite an engineering feat...and we are glad to see that fire protection was taken into consideration as part of the preservation of the historic site. The bridge is protected ... (Full Story & Photos)

What's on Your Tanker #04? Wisconsin

President Mark Davis, June 16

In May, Tender 1230 from the Whitewater FD (Wisconsin) hauled water during our 2-day Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar in Linn, Wisconsin. Like many of the tenders in the 2-hour drill at Linn, Tender 1230 is set up quite nicely to efficiently haul water. The 4,100-gallon tender was built by U.S. Tanker and it is set up to dump fast from its three dump chutes and load fast using the 5-inch direct ... (Full Story & Photos)

The "business end" of this tanker is set up to get the job done!  The 5-inch direct fill line, mounted low for easy access, makes all the difference when this rig is hauling water in a shuttle.  The big inlet shortens the fill time and gets the rig back on the road to the dump site.
The "business end" of this tanker is set up to get the job done! The 5-inch direct fill line, mounted low for easy access, makes all the difference when this rig is hauling water in a shuttle. The big inlet shortens the fill time and gets the rig back on the road to the dump site.

Big Water Rig - Mahoney City, Pennsylvania

President Mark Davis, June 09

During our March 2016, Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar in Summit Station, Pennsylvania we came across a "big water rig" from the Citizens Fire Company in Mahoney City. Engine 454 is set up to deliver multiple, large calibre fire streams from three different pre-piped master stream devices. The engine is a 2003 Pierce Lance pumper outfitted with a 2,000 gpm pump and a 450 hp motor.

Engine ... (Full Story & Photos)

Dry Fire Hydrant Design 04 - Deployable Bridge-Mount Design, Strafford, New Hampshire

President Mark Davis, June 02

Last month we installed three of our deployable bridge mounted dry fire hydrants in the Town of Strafford, New Hampshire. The swivel mount design has a reduced environmental impact since nothing resides in the water; the system is only deployed into the water when needed. The photos shown in this News Story are from our first installation in Strafford at the bridge on Huckins Road where we used our ... (Full Story & Photos)

The dry fire hydrant in the stowed position.
The dry fire hydrant in the stowed position.

More Apparatus Ingenuity - Stanley, Iowa Style

President Mark Davis, May 26

Here is another story from Stanley, Iowa where Chief Rodger Sill and the folks from the Stanley FD show how to use the "government" surplus program to benefit small town fire departments. Tanker 514 started off its life towing a dolphin transport trailer for the U.S. Navy. The Stanley FD acquired the 1991 Ford F900 semi-tractor through the Navy surplus vehicle program. The rig is powered by an 8.3L ... (Full Story & Photos)

Hauling Water - Alabama Style!

President Mark Davis, May 19

This past weekend (May 14th/15th) we made our fifth trip back to Shelby County, Alabama to deliver our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar. The folks in Shelby County, especially those in the First Battalion, have worked hard over the years to improve their water supply delivery operation. Last year, they joined our exclusive 1,000 GPM Club.

During this year's drill, a peak flow of 1,100 ... (Full Story & Photos)



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